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The beach is just the beginning in Antigua.

The island of the broadest horizons, beautiful views, and gorgeous sunsets…The greatest escape.

I recently spent 10 days exploring this tropical paradise island. Antigua guarantees sunshine, as it is the sunniest of Eastern Caribbean Islands. With comfortable temperatures year-round, highs in the mid 70’s in winter, and mid 80’s in the summer, low humidity and warm, steady winds, this is the ideal island for both an adventure seeker, or someone looking to take a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Looking for action? Zip through the rainforest on high wires, swim with stingrays, hike, bike, dive, kayak, kite surf, or fish. Still, need more action? How about horseback riding, helicopter tours, bird watching adventures, or an island safari? The possibilities are endless. The coral reefs attract snorkelers and scuba divers from around the world.

Antigua has an astounding 365 beaches, 1 for every day! The expansive winding coastline offers a wealth of secluded, powdery soft beaches. There are many chic resorts in intimate and secluded locations on the beautiful pink sand beaches with shallow waters.

Antigua has been voted Caribbean’s Most Romantic Destination by World Travelers Awards. It is a perfect destination for a Honeymoon or Destination Wedding with its stunning backdrops.

Antigua is full of culture and rich history. Nelson’s Dockyard is a cultural heritage site and marina in English Harbour located in the historic district and is part of a large National Park and historic landmark of the Caribbean. The site offers hiking trails full of natural beauty. The area is full of beautifully restored stone warehouses, which contrast strikingly with the glitzy superyachts in the marina. Most of these old buildings are now home to hotels, restaurants, shops, and galleries.

I highly recommend exploring a little further along the nature trails, which lead to historic forts with panoramic views. Perched on the hilltop at Shirley Heights, Fort Shirley, offers the best vistas. Shirley Heights Lookout is a restored military lookout and gun battery. The Lookout is a high point (about 490 ft.) that affords a superb view of English and Falmouth Harbours, the best view in Antigua! The view is spectacular especially at sunset or early evening when all of English Harbour is lit up. Sunday afternoons and evenings at Shirley Heights are when the Sunset Parties are held. Gorgeous views of the sun setting and Antigua’s coastline. Local barbecue vendors offer food and rum punch for purchase. After the sun sets, the steel drum band plays reggae music and the dancing begins.

Devil’s Bridge offers a stunning glimpse into Antigua’s natural formations. Composed of limestone rock, the rugged terrain of Devil’s Bridge is the result of millions of years of ancient reef formation. For hundreds of thousands of years, the Atlantic’s waves have crashed into the east coast of Antigua creating a natural arch, or bridge.

The Caribbean and rum punch go hand in hand, and Antigua is one of the islands where a well-made rum punch may very well become your best friend. You will have quite a few opportunities to taste local rums in Antigua, and one of the best times to do this is during an interactive rum tasting tour of the Antigua Distillery.

If you have a sweet tooth as I do, you will want to try the Antiguan Bread Pudding, Peanut Brittle, Caribbean Fudge, and Coconut Sugar Cake. All are amazing!

And while we are on the topic of sugar, a visit to Betty’s Hope sugar plantation is a must while visiting Antigua. The sugar plantation was established in 1650, shortly after the island had become an English colony, and flourished as a successful agricultural industrial enterprise during the centuries of slavery. One of the 2 sugar mill towers has been fully restored.

The people of Antigua are warm and hospitable. The island is clean, the beaches are powdery soft, and the waters are warm and clear. This is an island I adore and highly recommend putting it on your bucket list to see. It’s a destination that I am already planning on returning to again very soon!

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